vendredi 17 octobre 2014

American Tundra Shepherd - a Half Wolf Dog

American Tundra Shepherd is a Wolf dog breed of native United States. They may also be called with slightly longer name American Tundra Shepherd Dog.


In the beginning, It's the dog species that has been produced with the aim of military dog, but because the wrong knowledge to Wolf dog with the general public. They should not be developed any more it is pointed out to experts, substantially military dog causative as were canceled. Of this "false knowledge" is an image that wolves and wolf dog is a ferocious killer. In fact, this is quite superstitious, Wolf and Wolf-dog is introverted and cautious, is a dog that is not attacked by the people from their own. For this reason, it is not suited to breeding as a guard dog, the majority of no owners of knowledge, there is a fact that in order to want to intimidate opponents with tinsel has been breeding the Wolf dog.

Also, in the US be used to artificially crossing wolves and dogs in many states is prohibited. Many of Wolf dog breeds in order to escape the abolition of dog species Sokkyu fixed-varieties of have been performed. Some of another Wolf dog breed is performed turbulent breeding in this rapid improvement process dog quality is worse, some of which had been forced to extinction. However, since the Tundra Shepherd was underway planned breeding, it was completed without successfully breed of you would get stuck in this way. Although there is still in the dog species challenges many remain, is bleeding to keep the stable dog quality by current lovers have been made.

Although not play the role of as the current working dog, beautiful (Kakkoyoi) appearance and Wolf dog specific habit, there is a charm of such strong loyalty, it has been bred by enthusiasts who prefer it. Not only as a pet, you are more active in such dog sports. Not been certified in the far FCI and the Kennel Club of the country, has been considered to be making an application to the certified registered in the United Kennel Club. However, by Takeshi opposite of organizations that do not recognize the new Wolf dog as a species dog, it does not perform the application.

American Tundra Shepherd was originally breed name "American Tundra Wolf Dog". The part of the "Wolf dog" is replaced with "Shepherd" is in order not to buy antipathy people of the foregoing groups and the anti-Wolf-dog faction. Although this measure is already Saarloos wolfdog and Czechoslovakian Wolfdog that have been certified to the FCI is not required, but also several of the new Wolf dog breed taking similar measures. Them, also a native to the United States of endangered breeds Sarah Spitz, Tamaskan Dog (Tamasukan Dog) of Finnish origin and the like.

In fact, there are things that were also imported in the past to Japan, because it is a dog breed of FCI and the Japan Kennel Club unofficial, annual registration number of cattle and registration number of horses order has not been counted.


There is some variation by the dog, you are the middle of the figure of the wolf and the German Shepherd Dog. Eyed sharp, long neck and legs. Muscular of tight figure, mane is thick. Short coat at the falling ear-hanging tail coat with cold weather, hair color, such as Wolf and Black and Tan. Withers height 60 ~ 75cm, in large dogs weighing 20 ~ 35kg, personality is very loyal and cautious. Because it does not comply only to the instruction of the people and dogs that were found to be higher than their own, is a dog breed that can not be bred to need a beginner is tough training. Physical ability is high, momentum is very large. Than is usually howl, it is not much like the barking.